Alerus Acquires Retirement Planning Services, Inc.

In late 2020, Retirement Planning Services, Inc. merged with Alerus Financial Corporation to form Alerus Retirement Consulting. The new company identity allows us to continue our consultative approach to collaborating with advisors, and serving plan sponsors and plan recordkeepers.

At Alerus, we bring decades of knowledge and expertise within the retirement industry to clients. We place great value on relationships and have a long-term focus on working in the best interest of clients. We are dedicated to serving as a trusted partner at every touch, and are committed to being the premier retirement plan services provider utilized by advisors across the nation.

Alerus is a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded, diversified financial services company. As the retirement industry continues to consolidate, Alerus has strategically positioned itself to be a long-term player — evident by its eleven acquisitions in the retirement industry since 2003. Alerus serves clients nationally in all 50 states, with employees primarily located in North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and Colorado.